Here is a quote from Graham’s book “The Cosmic Messenger”, 1992:

I find that when I am led to a higher level of consciousness I am left exhausted. Probably because I have resisted the phenomenon so strongly. I feel lost because all of a sudden I am on a new plateau, like when you are flying and you break through a strata of cloud. There is severe turbulence while you are in the cloud, and you can panic a bit worrying if the plane will be damaged. Visibility is nil. Then all of a sudden the nose pulls through, the buffering stops and you are delivered into a new world above the clouds, of serenity and calm. Some more of the world has been left behind. The air is purer, the light brighter. 

And so it was these past weeks, when Graham created “Visitation”.   Tuning in with this sculpture, you might feel a bit of this new world above the clouds….


Visitation 3 Visitation 4 Visitation 5 Visitation 7 Visitation detail 2 Visitation detail 3