Project Overview

Peace is not something that you talk about. Peace is something that you do. You act it. You live it.
Peace is not something that you will do in your retirement, or when you have time for it, after you have run your race with your current preoccupations of earning a living, pursuing a career, indulging in your hobbies, following your sport or whatever you do.
Peace is what you carry around with you in your mind and actions every day.
Peace is meeting every new person with an open heart and mind.
Peace is having reverence for God’s creations, human, animal and Nature.
Peace is being part of God’s creation, and understanding your part in it, without trying to dominate it, or change it to your will.
Peace is understanding the enormity of the existence of a flower, and the intent of its creation. The cycle of reproduction. The seed, the new plant, the new flower in its maturity. The sheer beauty of it. The fragrance of it.
Peace is the embracing of the wonder of God’s creations.
Peace is looking upwards, not sideways.
Peace is the appreciation of your life, your eyes to see, your hands to touch, your soul to embrace and love.
Peace is the appreciation of other human endeavours of creativity, and honouring the source of that creativity.
Peace is acceptance.
Peace is gratitude.
Peace is fulfilling your role in life as God intended.
Peace is a life of no regrets.
Peace is the courage to live and let live.
Peace is leaving this world in peace.

Graham Radcliffe
The Impossible Dream – 24/11/03